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  • Section 1.  Composition: There shall be a Board of Directors composed of ATC members in “good standing” and having no connection with one another through blood, marriage or in an emotional relationship.

  • Section 2.  Management: The affairs of the Association shall be managed by the Board of Directors. The Board shall have general responsibility for affecting the purpose and executing the powers of the Association as expressed by the Membership, and have general management and control of the Association’s assets.

  • Section 3. Regular Meetings: The Board of Directors shall specify one regular meeting of the Board per month. All members of the Board shall be notified of each meeting. All Board meetings shall be open to the general membership unless in Executive Session.

  • Section 4.  Special Meetings: Special Board Meetings can be called by the President or Vice-President as needed to resolve issues or address problems dealing with the Association.

  • Section 5. Board Decisions/Quorum: The Board shall consider Association matters and present issues to the membership for votes, as necessary. A quorum shall be necessary for all Board action.  A quorum of the Board of Directors shall consist of a majority of Board Members. Absent Board members may be present for quorum and voting purposes if they express their view on an issue to other Board members by phone or in writing to another Board member. Votes by e-mail or phone conferences are allowed.  Board decisions will be made by a majority vote of the officers in attendance, unless otherwise specified.   

  • Section 6. Voting on Important Issues: If at a Board or Membership meeting in which a quorum exists, an issue arises that is so controversial that it might conflict with a basic purpose for which the Association exists, this issue may be tabled by a majority vote of the members of present. Notice of the issue shall be given before the matter is considered again at the next meeting.

  • Section 7. Elections: Members of the Board shall be elected by a vote of the members present and voting at the yearly Membership meeting.

  • Section 8. Nominations: The nomination of Board Members shall be by self-nomination or by other-nomination with agreement of the nominee.  A nominee will automatically assume the Board seat, if at the end of the nomination period, he/she has no opponent(s).

  • Section 9. Good Standing: Each candidate for the Board of Directors shall be a member in good standing, and be current on their dues.

  • Section 10. Election Timing: Officer elections shall take place under the supervision of the Secretary and Membership Chairperson in as fair a manner as possible. Nominations will be submitted beginning on June 1st of each year and shall be closed on June 15th. Each nominee shall accept or decline his or her nomination at or by that time.

  • Section 11. Terms: Elections will be called by the President or Vice-President at least every year. All board member terms will July 1st to June 30th of the following year. There are no limits on the number of terms a member can serve. Board Members shall serve as long as they hold true to Article II of the Association’s Constitution. Any board member who is deemed inactive in the performance of his or her duties or who intentionally and recklessly misrepresents the Association or who is guilty of any act that harms the purpose of the Association, shall be removed from office upon motion from the Board and by a two-thirds vote thereof.  However, the officer is afforded an opportunity for a defense.

  • Section 12. Voting: All officers shall serve one-year terms and elections will be held every June, with nominations being accepted from June 1st through June 15th and voting being held from June 16th through June 30th. Voting will be by secret ballot of the membership. Election will be gained by simple majority of the ballots submitted, with a run off held only in a direct tie situation.  Newly elected officers will assume their positions on July 1st and outgoing officers shall cooperate with the transition.

  • Section 13. Vacancies: Any Vacancy of the Board can be filled by a motion from the Board of Directors and by a majority vote of the quorum present. Specially elected officers shall serve out the remainder of the office to which they have been elected.


  • Section 1. Positions: The officers of this organization shall be composed of the following positions:

    • President

    • Vice President

    • Secretary

    • Treasurer

    • Communications Director

    • Membership Director                                       

    • Social  Director

    • Competitive Tennis Director

  • Section 2. Duties: The duties of the Officers shall consist of the following:

    • A. General Duties

      • Conduct day-to-day ATC business.

      • Preserve and develop the assets of the ATC.

      • Represent ATC in a positive manner.

    • B. Specific Duties: The following is a non-exclusive list of duties for individual officers.

      • President: The President shall be Chief Executive Officer of the Association. He or she will preside at General Membership and Board meetings, call for Board meetings, preserve order, form committees and appoint committee chairmen as required, appoint members, call committee meetings, and see that the officers and committees perform their respective duties. The President shall also seek club sponsorship opportunities to accomplish the organization’s goals. Officers shall report to the President.

      • Vice President: The Vice President shall assist the President in the performance of his or her duties and shall exercise the powers of the President in his or her absence or in the case of the President’s death, removal, or resignation. The Vice President shall oversee the ladder committee and other working committees as designated by President and the Board.  

      • Secretary: The Secretary shall record all minutes at general membership and Board meetings and disseminate to ATC members and board members information from minutes.  The Secretary shall ensure procedures are followed at meetings, maintain and archive records of ATC business, document decisions made by the Board of Directors, notify appropriate members of scheduled meetings.   The Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining the ATC contact list, with all organizations, individuals and other G&L tennis clubs and assist in the writing and mailing of ATC newsletters, or other correspondence, as required.

      • Treasurer: The Treasurer shall oversee, monitor, and report on the financial records, including receipts and disbursements, and financial condition of the Association. He or she will issue a statement on the financial status of the team on a semi-annual basis. He or she will reimburse members for general ATC expenses and capital expenditures, publish an annual financial report of the Association, and provide financial reports of the Association to the Board of Directors at least quarterly.   The Treasurer will disperse ATC funds, only as approved by the ATC Executive Board. The treasurer shall keep correct and complete books and records of account for at least three years.  

      • Communications Director: The Communications Director shall be responsible for maintaining all of ATC’s e-communications, like the groups.  Yahoo! Bulletin board, clubs Yahoo! Accounts, Austin Gay Sports Recreation website page and the ATC website. The Communications Director shall work with the respective directors and chairs to ensure that the contents of the website are accurate and current.  Specifically, he or she shall work with the rest of the Board officers to ensure the information reflected on the website is current and accurate.

      • Membership Director: The Membership Director will be responsible for maintaining an accurate membership roster. He or she will bill members for annual dues and tournament supplemental fees, and issue receipts for payment. He or she will also develop programs to maintain and/or expand membership levels as requested by the Board. Finally, the Membership Director will be responsible for welcoming new members to the Association.

      • Social  Director: The Social Director shall be in charge of initiating, planning, and carrying out all social functions and activities.

      • Competitive Tennis Director: The  Competitive Tennis Directorr shall be in charge of organizing the Team Tennis and Club Championship competitions, as well as coordinating with the Texas Cup captain(s) for putting together the team and the logistics of the tournament when it is the Club’s turn to host.


  • Section 1. Working Committees: The President or Board shall from time to time appoint temporary committees to effectuate the specific goals and objectives of the Association. The Vice President will be the Chairperson of all working committees and will report committee progress to the Board.

  • Section 2. Standing Committees: The President or Board may also appoint committees that have a permanent and continuous character, such as the Rules Committee and the Tournament Committee. The formation of the standing committees should be approved by a majority of the members of record. These committees will have greater autonomy from the Executive Board than the working committees, but must have the approval of the Board prior to any commitment of Association resources.


  • Section 1. Eligibility: All persons, regardless of tennis ability, age, gender, race, religion or sexual orientation shall be entitled to membership in this Association, subject to their good standing, and shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges pertaining thereto.

  • Section 2. Good Standing: Good Standing in the Association shall be based upon (1) having paid the currently assessed dues, (2) agreeing to abide by the rules and regulations as set forth herein, and (3) supporting the Association’s mission statement and purpose as outlined in Articles II and III.

  • Section 3. Dues: Dues, as well as any initiation fees, are to be set by the Board and approved by a majority of the Association. Dues are to be paid on a yearly basis, payable in full when the person becomes a member and will be good for a year. Players wishing to be put on the “inactive” status for a time should notify the Membership Chairperson so as not to be charged with dues during this period. In special cases some members will be granted "honorary" memberships, free of any dues, because these persons can contribute something significant to the Association and their membership is key to the success of the Association. Such honorary memberships are granted by majority vote. Any member may suggest someone for honorary membership.

  • Section 4. Voting: Each member is entitled to one vote on each matter submitted by the members.

  • Section 5.  Anti-Bullying Clause: The Austin Tennis Club does not tolerate bullying and is committed to providing all members with a supportive, friendly, safe, and positive environment, free from offensive behavior. Members of the Austin Tennis Club are expected to uphold standards of conduct (as per USTA guidelines), promote a civil community, and help maintain a positive environment for all members of the organization. We believe that all members have the right to participate in a safe, caring and supportive environment with mutual respect and courtesy. Bullying is anti-social behavior that threatens the values, standards and peace of ATC, and it will not be tolerated.


  • Section 1.  Frequency: The Board of Directors shall approve the frequency, time and place of all Membership meetings. This Association shall endeavor to meet at least, but not limited to, once a year.

  • Section 2. Notice: Notice of meetings shall be given to the Membership at least 30 days in advance. Notice of meetings should be announced in the Association’s Newsletter.

  • Section 3. Quorum: A quorum shall consist of the members in good standing present at an officially designated meeting.

  • Section 4. Voting: Voting shall be by a show of hands or ballot. Decisions of the Membership shall be by majority vote unless otherwise specified.

  • Section 5. Requests for Secret Ballots: Before a vote is taken at any meeting, any member present may move that a secret ballot be employed. If this motion carries the general acclaim, the Secretary shall distribute ballots so as to insure the confidentiality of the voting process.

  • Section 6. Roberts Rules of Order: All procedural questions not addressed in this document shall be governed by Roberts Rules of Order, Newly Revised.


  • Section 1. Budgeting Funds: The Board will develop a budget for the general allotment of funds and shall approve all disbursements. Receipts shall be presented for disbursements.

  • Section 2. Authority to Disburse Funds: The Association Treasurer shall have main responsibility to issue checks pursuant to Association business. Only the Board may direct the Treasurer to issue checks.

  • Section 3. Accountability: Association financial records will be available for officers or members of record to view upon request.

  • Section 4. Fiscal Year: The fiscal year of ATC shall commence on January 1st and end on December 31st.

  • Section 5. Approved Budget: All ATC activities that conduct regular financial transactions shall operate within a budget approved by the Board of Directors.

  • Section 6. Proposed Budgets: All ATC activities that utilize ATC finances shall provide the Treasurer with a proposed budget of anticipated income and expenditures to be provided to the Board by the Treasurer.

  • Section 7. Financial Statements: A monthly financial statement is to be provided to the Board by the Treasurer. A financial statement disclosing the current fiscal condition of the ATC shall be published to the Membership within the first four months of each fiscal year.

  • Section 8. Reimbursements: The Treasurer shall reimburse general ATC expenses. Receipts for all expenditures must be provided.


  • Section 1.  Limitation: This Association, its officers, Board of Directors, members, all tennis centers public or private which are used by the Association for tennis activities, and the City of Austin are not responsible for injury or for lost or stolen articles in connection with any events sponsored by this Association to the extent allowed by law.  Membership in this Association is without assumption of responsibility of any kind by the Association or its officers, the Gay & Lesbian Tennis Alliance (GLTA) or its officers, the city of Austin, South Austin Tennis Center, Pharr Tennis Center, any public or private facility, or any other host club or individuals connected with the Association.  

  • Section 2.  Waiver: Members agree to waive any and all rights and claims for bodily and emotional injury, damage to reputation, or any other harms that may be suffered, as well as waive any and all rights to claim from the Association, or any of the organizations or individuals named in Section 1 for damages which may arise as a result of references or photographs of the member which may appear in publications or in any media or internet coverage of Association events.  


  • Section 1. Recommendations: Members may submit recommendations for charitable donations.  These recommendations should be given to the President with information about the organization that represents the need for funds.

  • Section 2. Selection: The selection criteria (in no specific order) will be as follows:

    • Non-profit

    • Non-discriminatory

    • Gay and Lesbian organizations and services will be given greater consideration


  • Section 1. Submissions: Any member in good standing may submit proposed amendments to these Bylaws.

  • Section 2. Voting: These Bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

  • Section 3.  Policies: The Board of Directors may adopt formal and informal policies and procedures for the implementation of these Bylaws, as deemed necessary.


These by-laws shall be liberally construed to give effect to the purposes and goals of this Association.

These Bylaws were last amended by majority vote at the Board of Directors meeting on March 23, 2010.

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