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New Sign Up Policy

We are aware of the difficulties with signing up for Social Tennis sessions. During this time of year, there is a lot of demand to play tennis citywide. This leaves us with limited courts and many players. The Board has decided to implement a new policy to allow a fair advantage for all members to sign up.

Starting in March, we will be implementing the following:

  1. All members can sign up for 4 Social Tennis sessions in a month with no restrictions

  2. Afterward, you are restricted to only sign up for a session 24 hours in advance. For example, if you want to play on Tuesday night, you can only sign up starting the Monday evening prior

  3. If you signed up before 24 hours and have exceeded your 4 monthly sessions, you will be moved to the waitlist and only be promoted to the session if there are free spots the day of

  4. This policy resets every month

We will also revisit this policy in the summer when attendance naturally falls.

Note that attending at just 2 sessions in a month, you are already saving on court and ball fees and the hassle of finding players with your membership. We need to limit during high demand times to allow all members a chance to play and utilize their membership.

Love and ACES

ATC board

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