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The Reign of Terror has ended!

At the beginning of July, the board transitioned to the 23-24 year. I wanted to extend a heartfelt welcome to each of our newest members who volunteered to be on the ATC board. I have had the privilege of volunteering with some amazing people throughout the years while supporting the Austin Tennis Club.


I need to take a moment to thank the two individuals whose service was greatly appreciated.

  • Jennifer Chancellor-Hurd- Had been our secretary Since August 2021. She has done an amazing job of keeping us on track through meetings and providing great insight and ideas to better the club. She has done all of this while adding a beautiful boy to her family, balancing a career, and being a board member of other community clubs. We could not have done it without her, next time you see her give her an extra hug for her time and effort.

  • Ricky Robinson - Has been a volunteer board member since 2017 with ATC. In the past 7 years, he has been the membership director, Secretary, and Competitive director. His commitment to the club often goes unnoticed as he quietly gets things done behind the scenes. I can't thank him enough for being the voice of reason and providing us all with a perspective of love and inclusion over the years. He is always quick to volunteer to accomplish the day-to-day goals of ATC. He deserves a medal for his efforts and make sure to take a moment to thank him for his work and time next time you see him.


With the addition of the new team, I am confident the board is now in the best hands it has ever been in.

  • Phillip is your new President. I could not be more excited to see how will continue to grow our community and make ATC stronger. He has been contributing and making the club better since the first day he stepped on the court. He is a true ambassador of the club and a great voice for everyone.

  • The new Vice President is Antonio who without a doubt will bring kindness, with a sassy flare, making ATC the best it can be. Take an opportunity to play on the same court with him, you will get to meet all the personalities that live in his head. Just know Becky can't volley.

  • Mikael will be taking over as Competitive Director, and I don't think there is a better individual for the role. If you have ever watched him in a tournament you will understand why, a switch is flipped and good luck is all I have to say. He did a great job co-captaining this year with Ricky for Texas Cup.

There are 5 members that will stay with the board for the upcoming year to provide continuity and be the rock of the organization as the club continues to grow and change under some additional leadership.

  • Ken - was the acting vice president and is moving to be the Secretary for the upcoming year. The VP in the bylaws has very little responsibility, however, that could not be further from the reality when it comes to what Ken has done. I can't thank him enough and know with his leadership and dedication, the club will continue to grow.

  • Eriwn thanks for continuing as the Social Coordinator, he is perfect for the job, who doesn't want his social life? Just watching his social media posts is enough to make you jealous. His efforts and open house Idea continue to make ATC bigger and better.

  • Sam- continues to be the Treasure and does an amazing job at keeping everything in order, we as a club are so thankful he has volunteered his time. The club will stay financially stable with his skill set and have him as the voice of reason when it comes to spending. If get an opportunity to hit against his backhand you will see the model of consistency he brings to tennis as well his life.

  • Marcus -Joined the board last year as the Communications Director, and has been a quick study and always willing to learn the technical aspects of our website. His voice and skills have been a true asset to the club. I know he will continue to strengthen our brand and has already done so much to make ATC more relevant online.

  • Patrick - Will stay as the Membership Director. He has done an amazing job of reaching out to our new members and keeping our existing members happy. It has been fun to see some of his great ideas grow our membership, and I have truly appreciated all the extra players I have got to hit against because of his efforts.

Let's remember the profound impact we can make when we come together. The passion and generosity of the individuals who volunteer are what make ATC so strong. I am genuinely grateful to have had the privilege of working alongside such remarkable individuals. Please remember to be kind to those who volunteer their time and continue to improve ATC with every decision they make.

Love and Aces

Mojo - The Mad Queen may she rest in peace

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