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Promiscuous Doubles -Friday- Month End

Social tennis for players of every level.

  • 5.50 US dollars
  • 1000 Cumberland Rd, Austin, TX 78704

Service Description

Social tennis is that very thing. It's meant to be social and fun while being able to get some competitive play. Promiscuous Doubles is set up to change courts and players/partners approximately every 30 minutes so everyone plays with all levels ---- and meet more people!

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

"No-Call, No-Show" This shall include all participants who sign up for a scheduled session and fail to attend without any prior notice of doing so. "Late Cancellation" This shall include all participants who sign up for a scheduled session and cancel their booking within 24 hours of a session's start time without finding a suitable replacement. “Waitlist” The waitlist is comprised of participants who were not able to sign up in time to claim a spot in a session. Should someone cancel, the system or a board member will go down the waitlist in order of which users were signed up and allow them an opportunity to take the open spot. Should no one from the waitlist claim the spot, it will then be made available to the public to book. "Strike" A strike is a demerit on a participant's record to denote continued or consistent infractions. Strike Policy Participants are allowed up to 3 strikes per calendar year before their club membership is put forth before the Board for disciplinary action which can include but is not limited to: a temporary or permanent dismissal from the club and all of its related events including locally hosted tournaments, parties, practices, social events, and any other player engagements. Cancellation policy: 1. All scheduled practice attendees acknowledge the Austin Tennis Club's cancellation policy by creating an account, booking a session, and providing payment for an active membership or practice booking. 2. Should a participant's booking need to be canceled within 24 hours of a session's start time, the canceling participant must find a replacement for their spot to avoid incurring a strike. Any cancellation outside of that 24-hour window will be an assumed responsibility of the club but must be noted by a timestamped notice by private message to the board member hosting the practice. 3. Notice of a replacement must include contact info. 3a. If the replacement No-Call, No-Show or late cancel, the cancellation policy will reapply to them and that player will incur a strike. 4. Should a participant book a session and not attend with no prior notice of doing so, the participant will incur a strike on their account record, be fined the full booking fee for a double's court ($16), and will not be allowed to book for one full (1) calendar week. Extenuating Circumstances Life happens and we get that. Please reach out to the hosting board member to discuss any extenuating circumstances that will prevent you from attending.

Contact Details

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