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🦃 November Newsletter

November is here and of course, it must be queer! Just reiterating some updates for some of the events we have going on as well as some policies that I want to make sure everyone is aware of.


With the cooler weather, we are expecting an influx of players and bookings. Please make sure you are familiarizing yourselves with both our Cancellation Policy and our Booking Limitation Policy which I ever so graciously copy-pasted below. You're welcome!

  1. All members can book up to 4 Social Tennis sessions a month with no limitations.

  2. Afterward, you are restricted to only sign up for a session 24 hours in advance. For example, if you want to play on Tuesday night, you can only sign up starting the Monday evening prior.

  3. If you signed up before 24 hours and have exceeded your 4 monthly sessions, you will be moved to the waitlist and only be promoted to the session if there are free spots the day of.

  4. This policy resets every month.

🪝 Garage Sale

I'd like to personally thank each and every single one of you who donated any amount of item(s) to the garage sale and were able to raise a sizeable amount of donations! With that said, we still have a number of items left over that we'd like to put up for a second garage sale within the coming months.

If you are in an area that can host a garage sale or know of a place where we can host one, please reach out to a Board member with details!

🚀 November 10 - 12: HOUTEX42

If you are signed up for Houtex, you should have gotten an email yesterday. Draws will be posted in a few days as well as any further updates regarding any weather issues! Just hang tight, Houtex is once again being run by a couple of cuties who know what they're doing.

If you want to be included in the group chat, comment down below and I'll add you in. (If you already requested, I gotcha).

🕯 November 15: Waterloo Creek Show

ATC will be headed out to the Waterlook Creek Show! This event showcases fun light-centric art installations all throughout Waller Creek and leads up to the Waterloo Ampitheater where a Drag Night will be hosted! Lots of refreshments and vendors at the event and admission is free!

🎾 November 19: Austin Tennis Classic

Registration for the Austin Tennis Classic is now open to ALL club members - not just paid ones! (Being a paid member gave you first dibs on registration spots). So. If you haven't registered, do so ASAP!

🍁 November Only: Sunday Singles!

Sundays have now filled up FAST. Make sure to keep an eye out on booking dates if you want to take advantage of the singles social nights.

That's about it for now! If I have anything additional, you'll hear it either here or on our socials. Which btw you should follow us if you haven't already:


- P-dawg

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